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      about myself

      I have been very fortunate over the last few years to have spent half my time in Costa Rica and the other half in Barrie, Canada. My wife and I decided to sell our successful business and give up the hectic and demanding lifestyle that went with it. We thought we’d take a couple of years off to explore this “beautiful earth”. Well, fourteen wonderful, adventure-packed years have now passed since we made that decision!

      Those fourteen years gave me the freedom to delve more deeply into several yearnings that had only been hobbies in my business life. My long-time interest in music finally culminated into a published album, “The Reunion” CD. I also delved more deeply into my photography skills, which has brought me not only great happiness, but has also cultivated a sense of peace and solitude as I wait for various animals and scenes to appear in my viewfinder.

      We’ve met some wonderful people during our hikes and travels and a few of them were curious to keep up with what I was doing, either in music, photography or writing. We thought a dedicated web site might be the best way to share some songs, some pictures and maybe even a snippet from some books I’m writing. On the left of the main page you will see some links to my other online pages. Facebook ‘Kevin Firth Musician’, or photos I have on the Flickr site and lastly some past Blogs that I will be adding to from time to time. So please, come on in: you’ve already made yourself at home, take a click around!

      music bio

      Kevin Firth’s performing career started in the British Royal Navy in the late sixties. Each ship he served on and whatever continent, you can bet he would be playing lead guitar with the ‘ships band’ from Soul to Rock to Blues, but on those single performances he would always divert to his own blend of Folk / Blues.

      Riding the wave of the British folk scene in the 70s playing Guitar, Banjo and Mandola with various bands from Lancashire traditional Folk to Blues, he cemented his own compelling style. Here he also flirted with writing songs some of which appeared on radio. He had opened for Silly Wizard amongst others.

      After the Navy came the oil rigs, as a commercial deep-sea diver, which finally brought him to this continent working off Newfoundland in the early eighties. On shore leaves you would find him playing blues harp with the bands in St Johns. The lamenting Song “OCEAN RANGER” on his CD “REUNION” came from this era after a demanding salvage of this sunken oil rig where three divers were killed in two separate accidents to add to the eighty four men that went down with the rig.

      After hanging up his fins and settling on this side of the old briny, to what seemed an era of drought, music wise, He and his wife Joan opened the ‘Folk and Blues club’, in Newmarket, Ontario, which they ran successfully for over three years. During this time more of his classic songs came into place, he has shared stages with many leading folk artist’s and has appeared on various radio stations on both continents.

      For three years he performed center stage at the Canadiana folk festival in Ontario, Canada.

      His noteworthy CD “Reunion” was released in April of 1999, all original material, “Songs that tell a story”. His intricate guitar work and expressive rich voice are all indications that this seasoned musician has a lot to offer.

      For a couple of years (1998-2000) he performed with his band ‘Dream Catcher’, which included; Percussion, female harmony, bass guitar, all serious musicians in their own right.

      Traveling extensively throughout Canada, U.S and Central America in a motor home for three years he played venues in San Francisco, Tucson, Victoria Canada, Mazatlan Mexico to name but a few.

      From 2004 to date he and his wife now winter in Costa Rica where he has performed live concerts in aid of the ‘Secret Santa foundation’ to help impoverished children.