My New CD 'It's Who I Am' is now available!

I am constantly working on improving my guitar finger picking style and trying out new open string tunings which fortunately from time to time bring about a synergy that transposes into putting my thoughts down on paper. The songs for this CD have all come about in the last couple of years, there doesn't seem to be a set theme as was the 'Reunion' CD. There are songs about poor Nicaraguan kids I took photos of during charity events in the mountains of Costa Rica, there's a bluesy songs about, 'Young Love'. A song called,'Time' that came about after reading some Eckhart Tolle books, even a lamenting song about a, 'Restless Heart'. A sexy blues song called 'Got the Feelin' for Love.' Something Different! I like to experiment with different styles as well as tunings so....... check it out.

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To download the Lyrics of the songs on the CD in pdfclick here.

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