Giant Toad or Marine Toad

(Bufo marinus

These huge frogs can grow to almost 8" and weigh in at 2.6 pounds. They come out at night to feast on all the bugs that settle on our windows. Keeping us awake as they boink of the windows. They have poisonous sacks on their cheeks that could kill a small dog and make a child ill for a few days at least that what the book says. Our (large) dogs think they are wonderful and chase them around silly. I have even found a few half eaten ones in the garden. I have a friend who swears his dog is hooked on them. Apparently after chewing on them the dog generally froths at the mouth and does strange things. Sleeps for a while then goes looking for more. Warning If you pick one of these charmers up they will copiously urinate on you. 

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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