Nature photography has always been my aspiration from the first time I picked up a camera. I have always believed that there is so much beauty around us, most of us are just not tuned in enough to see it. Birding is a pass time everyone should try; it forces you to look a little closer. It is such a surprise to know that these beautiful and colorful little critters have been flitting around our heads forever, now not only have you noticed them you can probably put a name to them. My goal as with most nature photographers is to capture the animal or scene in as much detail as possible but also with an artist eye for an interesting picture of a moment in time.

As I mentioned before, I feel so fortunate to live in two countries known worldwide for interesting nature photography possibilities. If I go nowhere else than Canada or Costa Rica in the coming years I know I couldn't exhaust all the beautiful pictures that  could come my long as I can keep tuning my eye and psyche to see them.

Check out my latest Photograph Galleries below and please make sure you click on each individual picture to see a description of where the picture was taken with other interesting information: